2025 Mini Cooper E and SE fully revamped and revealed at Munich Motor Show

The 2025 Mini Cooper E and Cooper SE are here, and as you can tell by the names, Mini is starting with the electric models. 

For better or worse, the new Mini Cooper design inside and out (no longer called “Hardtop”) is one of the worst-kept secrets as of late. However, now we have all the official imagery of the 3-door EV, and we even got to see the car in person before the Munich Motor Show reveal. The Mini is thankfully still mini with an even shorter length than before, as the new Countryman is the one to get supersized. Its design slants toward minimalism, but it still highlights key features such as the round LED headlights, contrast roof and mirror colors and classic proportions. The lights – both in front and rear – even feature three customizable signatures, so you can choose your own adventure for your car’s outward appearance. Other big changes include the deletion of chrome, flush door handles (like other new BMWs) and the lack of black cladding around the wheel arches.

Mini improved the coefficient of drag with this new model to 0.28, and thanks to this, and to new battery and motor technology, the electric Mini Coopers are far more enticing than the first Mini SE. Two versions of the electric Mini Cooper will hit the market initially, with the base model being the Mini Cooper E. This model features a single electric motor making 184 horsepower and 214 pound-feet of torque, which Mini says does the 0-62 mph run in 7.3 seconds. It uses a 40.7 kWh battery pack that is good for 190 miles on the WLTP cycle, but expect that to be considerably lower for the EPA test.

Meanwhile, the upgrade Mini Cooper SE ups output to 218 horsepower and 243 pound-feet, completing the 0-62 mph sprint in just 6.7 seconds. It also has a much bigger battery at 54.2 kWh, allowing for a range of 250 miles on the WLTP cycle.

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Charging speed is another big upgrade for these electric Minis, too, as the Cooper E can charge at speeds up to 75 kW, while the SE can do 95 kW. Mini says this gets both Coopers from a 10-80% charge in under 30 minutes. AC at-home charging maxes out at 11 kW. It also features a pre-conditioning program that will warm the battery pack in cold weather to ensure fast charging speeds when you arrive. This is part of a larger navigation system that will plan out your route to hit fast chargers as you go.

As always, Mini is promising a fun-to-drive character from its entry-level hatchback. Both the wheelbase and track width are increased in this generation, and the suspension and damping system is tuned with “spirited handling” in mind. Mini says it improved body response in cornering, increased precision and accuracy in its steering and also managed to make the ride more agreeable.

And in case electric wasn’t what you were looking for, the new Cooper will offer gasoline variants in both base and S models again this generation, and this is where the five-door model and Convertible will come into play, though specs aren’t out yet. The John Cooper Works high-po model is currently slated to be an all-electric performance Mini, so get your gas-powered JCW kicks in while it’s still here. When queried about the continued presence of a manual transmission option, Mini engineers were not particularly forthcoming, leading us to believe that the manual could be a thing of the past for the new Cooper. That said, we’ll need to wait for the gas variants to be revealed to be sure.

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If you look at the interior design of the electric models, you’ll notice that cupholders are situated where a gear lever might traditionally go, and the “shifter” is actually just a toggle switch in the horizontal bar of controls on the center stack. We’ve seen the superb Mini interior already, though, and if you want a deep dive on the OLED, round infotainment system, make sure to check that out here, too. It’s quite the system with “Spike” the dog as an available personal assistant and numerous “Experience Modes” – from Go Kart to Green – that vastly change how the system looks and the car drives.

The new interior all centers around that circular screen and the toggle bar system directly below it, but there will also be an optional head-up display for those that want a physical instrument cluster directly in front of them. Materials usage throughout the interior warm the heart, as numerous textiles and attractive ambient lighting give way to a comfortable and calming space.

Lastly, the new electric Minis will be built in China, so don’t expect them to qualify for the tax credit. We don’t have pricing or exact timing for the new 2025 Mini Cooper yet, but expect it to hit the U.S. once the current 2024 model runs its course next year.

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