Amazon announced its first-ever Big Spring Sale: Here's everything you need to know to shop the best deals

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The rumors are true, Amazon is back with a Big Spring Sale event to help us all get into that spring spirit. The Amazon Big Spring Sale will be happening for a whopping 5 full days, from March 20 through March 25, and will provide shoppers with huge discounts up to 50% off on things like spring cleaning tools, fitness accessories, spring fashion, home and kitchen appliances, outdoor and gardening tools and much more. It’s sort of like Prime Day, but the spring sale will be offering many more deals to those without a Prime membership than the actual Prime Day event does. As always, Autoblog will be here curating the best deals through the event, so check back often. In the meantime, though, there are tons of great deals to be had already! We’ve gathered some of our favorites just below.

Amazon spring cleaning deals

Amazon sports & fitness deals

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Amazon spring fashion deals

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Amazon home and kitchen deals

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Amazon tool, gardening and outdoor deals

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Amazon Big Spring Sale Q&A

What is the Amazon spring sale?

Amazon’s Big Spring Sale is a brand new sales event hosted by Amazon. It’s less exclusive than Prime Day, offering all kinds of deals to Amazon shoppers whether they’re Prime members or not. While the event will certainly have deals on just about any product category you can imagine, you can expect to find the most discounts on things related to spring cleaning, spring fashion and all other things “spring.

When is the Amazon Big Spring Sale?

The Amazon Big Spring Sale is happening from March 20 to March 25 this year.

What are the best Amazon deals right now?

This post features 50 great deals available right now! As the sale progresses, Autoblog will continue to bring you the best deals available on things like tools, lawn equipment, spring cleaning gear, car seats, dash cams, tires and much, much more.

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