Buick's big boxy crossover design sketch looks surprisingly good

The current Buick lineup is fairly bland, consisting solely of amorphous crossovers in small, medium, and large. Fortunately, the brand is showing signs of life at the General Motors design studio with new products like the Envista, and where designers have envisioned (no pun intended) a large, boxy vehicle that looks like a Kia EV9 competitor.

The unnamed premium crossover was penned by designer Geoffrey Richmond and has a well-defined profile with a traditional SUV’s squarish greenhouse. It could portend the next-generation Enclave, which shares a similar fishhook headlight design. However, the illustration’s front end is a lot more cohesive, with foglamp housings that meet at the outer edges of the headlights. 

The front end has sort of the Tesla EV duckbill thing going on, but a wide lower intake indicates that there could be an engine under the hood. In any case, this is just an ideation so there may not even be a platform to but this body on.

That would be a shame, as the Enclave has been out since 2018 and could use a makeover. The V6-powered crossover was supposed to reposition the brand, and we found it quiet and surprisingly comfortable in our review. However, that hasn’t been enough to catch on with trendsetters — they’re rarer than Bentleys here in L.A.

The “bar of soap” crossover trend is over. Nowadays, for better or worse, buyers want aggressive, rugged looking crossovers even if they’re just going for a Target run. A bold design like the one Richmond painted might change the Enclave’s fortunes. And maybe bring back the portholes.

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