Butter Yellow Is the Undisputed Shade of the Season—Here’s How to Bring It Into Your Home

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It’s safe to say that butter yellow is the color of the season. This creamy, near-neutral shade can be seen just about everywhere these days—from flowy sundresses, to cozy knits and delicate manis. And one thing I love about fashion trends is they almost always trickle into our interiors. Butter yellow home decor is currently making the rounds, especially as Grandmillenial style continues to be popular. This season is the perfect time to embrace this soft and creamy shade with enthusiasm.

Ahead, read on for a deep dive into all things butter yellow, and how to incorporate this sunny hue into your home.

More and more, homeowners this year are kicking white on white interiors to the curb and instead choosing to infuse their spaces with a little more personality and joy. With its warm tone, butter yellow is a shade that even those who love neutral color palettes can embrace.

There’s a collective shift from cool tones to warm tones anyway, in addition to creating more casual and inviting spaces as opposed to more formal living areas. Butter yellow ticks all of these boxes, and can instantly add a bit of whimsy and playfulness to your space. I dare you to not crack a smile as you peruse a room with pops of yellow.

Selecting the Best Shades of Butter Yellow for Your Home

There’s a reason butter yellow is trending and not a bold or bright shade of yellow. When you’re looking at different butter yellow hues for your home, lean toward the shades that are creamy, muted, and warm. Yellow on its own is vibrant and energizing, but butter yellow should feel relaxed and cozy.

Especially with paint, be sure to sample a few colors to see how they fare in your chosen room. In general, paint will look brighter once it’s on your wall and will shift with the light, so try a few before you paint your entire room.

Some of the best butter yellow paint shades to try:

The Best Colors to Pair With Butter Yellow

Butter yellow is versatile. It fits right into many different interior styles, from coastal to traditional. It makes a kitchen or living room cheerier, and is an excellent choice for a nursery or kids room. Deciding on your butter yellow color palette depends on the vibe and mood you’re going for.

Pairing butter yellow with white works well if you’re looking to create a warm and inviting space that also feels clean and elegant. Other pastels are a natural fit if you’d like a room with more whimsy and joy. Pairing butter yellow with pastel pink or lavender oozes femininity. Or a soft mint green or sky blue creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Interested in going bold? Think pink and opt for coral and fuchsia pairings. You could also lean the opposite direction and pair butter yellow with black or charcoal gray for ultimate sophistication.

How do I style butter yellow home decor pieces?

It can be intimidating to incorporate new pieces and colors into your home, especially if they’re trendy and out of your comfort zone. Start small by incorporating accents like pillows, throws, frames, or vases for pops of butter yellow. I’m especially loving painted trim, and I think butter yellow door trim in a bedroom or office would be a sweet touch.

If you’re looking to feature the color more, butter yellow cabinets will completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. Because butter yellow offers a warm and inviting feel, featuring it in the kitchen draws out comforting associations of hot cups of coffee and baked goods cooling on the counter. Ultimate feel-good vibes.

A butter yellow duvet is a great bedroom swap for spring and summer, while bathroom accents like towels and bathmats will give your space an extra dose of sunshine that’s perfect for the season. Paint and wallpaper will also pack a punch. If you want to paint the walls but are nervous to do so, again: start small. There’s nothing more charming than a surprise pop of color in small spaces like a powder room, pantry, or closet. The hue will no doubt infuse joy into any space, so if laundry is your nemesis, don’t be afraid to give your laundry room a butter yellow makeover.

Our Favorite Butter Yellow Decor Pieces

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