Fisker Pear electric hatchback revealed in more detail

Just a few weeks ago, Fisker showed off the future of its electric lineup at its “Product Vision Day.” Among the highlights was the new compact Fisker Pear, which is intended to arrive with a sub-$30,000 price point and be an affordable alternative to the likes of the Chevy Bolt (currently on hiatus) and Nissan Leaf. While the Pear isn’t quite ready for prime time, Fisker has shared a host of photos to accompany a few new details about this budget-friendly EV. 

We now know the Pear will measure approximately 15 feet long (4550mm) and will be offered in both five- and six-seater configurations, further enhancing what already promises to be a flexible and utilitarian platform. The cargo section is referred to as the Pear’s “Houdini trunk,” which allows access to the hatch area in tight nose-to-tail parking situations or low ceiling heights thanks to a rear glass section that opens downward into the rear load floor, rather than swinging up and out like a normal hatch. Fisker also hopes to launch the Pear with exterior camera mirrors, but those are still under review due to regulatory requirements.

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And then there’s the “froot.” Think frunk, only British — or vegetarian. It’s a sealed front storage compartment intended to store things that should be isolated from the cabin, like sweaty workout gear or pungent leftovers. Fisker says it will even offer an insulated option for storing temperature-sensitive items. Gig drivers, take note. The cabin itself is “designed to be extremely durable, with no fragile moving parts.” Fisker calls it a boon for families and ride-share drivers, but there’s also an upside for the manufacturer that consequently doesn’t have to bother with expensive physical controls. 

Fisker says the Pear will also have a “Lounge Mode” that allows all of the seats to fold completely flat to create a relaxation or sleeping area along with a rotating, 17-inch screen to provide entertainment while you’re stretched out. The six-seater option replaces the single front passenger seat and center console with a large two-seat bench. 

Fisker also appears close to finalizing the Pear’s electric range. Previously, the company said it was hoping to deliver up to 310 miles on the EPA test cycle. Fisker has revised that up to 320 miles on the high end. In addition, it’s offering a target for the smaller, city-oriented battery pack that is expected to come standard at the Pear’s $29,990 starting price. The base model should manage 180 miles on a single charge. 

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