Honda will replace 2023 HR-V rear windows due to shattering risk

Honda has issued a service bulletin for the 2023 HR-V crossover after multiple reports from customers that the rear windows have shattered without warning. This news comes to us by way of Consumer Reports, who happened to experience the problem first-hand with one of their own test vehicles during a winter weather warm-up in New England. 

The good news is that Honda has identified the cause. If not applied just so, the sealer that holds the window in place can come in contact with the heating element for the rear defroster. This hot spot can lead to fatigue over time. If it weakens enough, it may fail, taking the entire rear window with it. Per Honda’s report to NHTSA, at least 300 customers have complained of shattered rear windscreens. Check out CR’s story linked above to see a photo of the carnage. 

“Nobody was injured, and the cargo in the rear wasn’t damaged,” CR said of the incident. “But our tester had to clean up glass shards from his driveway, and the contents of the cargo area were no longer secure from weather and theft.”

Honda says it will inspect customer HR-Vs and replace the glass for free if a defect is found, but has stopped short of initiating a safety recall. Why? While the glass shattering could alarm an occupant, Honda says there’s no inherent safety threat posed by the problem and Honda even says owners should continue to use their rear defrosters as needed. 

Dealers should be prepared to handle replacement requests starting in April. In the meantime, customers who experience incidents can contact Honda’s customer service at 800-999-1009. 

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