How to Cancel an Emirates Flight

Many U.S.-based airlines relaxed their change and cancellation policies after the COVID-19 pandemic started and kept them in place when travel regained popularity.

But Emirates reverted back to its pre-pandemic policy.

International carriers like Emirates have different rules for flight cancellations, and it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with its policies so you know what to expect in case you need to change your plans.

Below are some things you need to know about Emirates’ flight cancellation and refund policy should you have to cancel a flight with the carrier based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Can you cancel an Emirates flight?

Cancellation and change fees apply to certain fare classes, and Emirates’ refund policy is rather strict. So, how does Emirates’ cancellation policy work? Let’s look at a couple of real-life examples.

When shopping for Emirates economy-class flights, you have a few fare options: Saver, Flex and Flex Plus. The Saver fare is priced the lowest and comes with the most restrictions.

In this example, the flight from Los Angeles to Dubai has the following change and refund fees.

Keep in mind that hefty no-show penalties will apply when you don’t cancel a ticket ahead of time.

In the example below, the flight departs London-Heathrow, and the Emirates ticket cancellation policy lists different change and refund fees.

Flex Plus fares are the only economy fares that allow free changes and cancellations, but they cost nearly double the price of Saver fares.

When you book a flight with Emirates, take a close look at change and cancellation fees so that you know the penalties associated with changing or canceling a flight ahead of time.

Emirates’ 24-hour cancellation policy

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s 24-hour rule applies to all Emirates flights originating in the U.S. If you booked a trip and changed your mind within 24 hours, you can cancel the trip and receive a full refund to your original payment method without a penalty. The booking must be made at least seven days before departure for the 24-hour cancellation policy to apply.

How to cancel an Emirates flight

To cancel an Emirates flight reservation, go to the “Manage your booking” section of the site and locate your booking. Depending on the fare conditions of your ticket, a cancellation fee might apply.

Before you cancel a ticket, read any details regarding the cancellation cost or call the customer service line at 800-777-3999. You also can try the live chat function of the website.

Changing an Emirates ticket is also possible through your account, by phone or by chat. Depending on the fare conditions of the ticket, you might be charged for changing your existing booking.

If the new flight you want to change to is more expensive than the one you booked previously, you’ll have to pay the fare difference on top of the change fee. If the new fare is lower, you’ll receive a flight credit or a refund.

How to cancel an Emirates Skywards award flight

Award tickets booked with Emirates Skywards miles can be canceled. Depending on the type of award ticket booked — Saver, Flex or Flex Plus — the fees to change or cancel vary.

Here’s how much you’ll pay to change or cancel an Emirates award flight based on the award type you book.

Saver awards require the fewest miles but cost the most to change or cancel. However, the change and cancellation fees are relatively low, and it could still be worth it to book a Saver award rather than another award ticket type that costs significantly more miles, even if you think you might cancel in the future.

Cancelling an Emirates flight recapped

The only Emirates fares that allow free changes and cancellations are Flex Plus fares, which cost quite a bit extra. Award tickets don’t cost much to change or cancel, which can be a compelling option when booking Emirates flights.

In either case, the 24-hour DOT cancellation policy allows you the chance to cancel flights originating in the U.S. at no cost as long as you do it within 24 hours of booking and seven days before departure.

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