JetBlue Flight Delay Compensation: What to Know

With tight schedules, erratic weather and crew shortages, it seems like flights get delayed more than ever these days. Flight delays are not only frustrating, but they can also impact connecting flights, event tickets and other aspects of your trip.

If you’re flying on JetBlue Airways, it helps to understand the JetBlue flight delay compensation rules to protect your rights.

8 things to know about JetBlue flight delay compensation

Whether or not JetBlue will compensate you for a delayed flight depends on several factors, including where you’re flying to or from, how long the delay is and why the flight was delayed.

1. There is no Passenger Bill of Rights in the U.S.

The U.S. has yet to adopt a universal Passenger Bill of Rights. However, the Department of Transportation tracks what each airline offers and makes that information available on its cancellation and delay dashboard. This helps to inform passengers of airline policies and holds the airlines accountable.

2. You may not be entitled to anything

Although there is a JetBlue delayed flight compensation schedule, it doesn’t apply to all situations.

The airline does not offer compensation for weather and other uncontrollable events. Additionally, if your flight delay is relatively short, you won’t receive any benefits.

3. You may receive flight credits for delays

This chart highlights the compensation passengers may receive when their flight is delayed by at least three hours. Any delay less than three hours will not qualify for a flight credit.

4. JetBlue can offer multiple types of compensation

Flight delay compensation does not have to involve cash payment. JetBlue may offer other benefits in addition to, or instead of, cash. These benefits may include:

  • Tickets on another JetBlue flight.

  • Rebooking on another airline.

When speaking with customer service about JetBlue delayed flight compensation, keep these options in mind. Consider asking for one or more types of compensation, depending on your situation and the length of the delay.

5. Delayed flights from the U.K./EU may get cash compensation

With its recent expansion to Europe, JetBlue compensation for delayed flights has other factors to consider. JetBlue now offers flights between the U.S. and the U.K., Paris and will soon add Amsterdam.

If your flight out of the U.K. or EU back to the U.S. is delayed, UK-261/EU-261 rules govern JetBlue flight delay compensation. This chart highlights your benefits on these flights when your arrival is delayed by three hours or longer.

All JetBlue routes from Europe back to the U.S.

6. Explore all options for reaching customer service

When your JetBlue flight is delayed, you may be asked to get in line to speak with a gate agent. While you can step in line, don’t let that be your only option.

Attempt to contact JetBlue customer service over the phone, on its mobile app or through social media. These avenues may be much quicker than waiting in line.

7. JetBlue could put you on another airline

Depending on flight availability, JetBlue may rebook you on another airline to get you to your final destination. JetBlue delayed flight compensation rules allow this.

If JetBlue switches your flight to another airline, ask JetBlue to add to your TrueBlue account the flight credits and points that you would have earned had your original flight operated on schedule.

8. Don’t forget about credit card travel protections

Many travel credit cards offer travel protections that cover passengers when flights are delayed or canceled. Although JetBlue has its own credit cards, those cards don’t offer these benefits.

Depending on which card you use to book your flight, you may be reimbursed for meals, hotels and other reasonable expenses. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® reimburses up to $500 per traveler when flights are delayed for six hours or longer or when a delay necessitates an overnight stay.

The bottom line about JetBlue flight delay compensation

When your flight doesn’t depart on time, take advantage of the JetBlue flight delay compensation rules.

Your compensation may vary depending on where you’re flying to, how long the delay is and the reason for the delay.

Don’t forget about possible credit card benefits. They can supplement compensation from JetBlue or take care of you if JetBlue policies don’t offer compensation.

How to maximize your rewards

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