Jorge Lopez-New York Mets debacle, Blue Jays go “night mode,” Yankees' rotation injury

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The New York Mets are no strangers to making headlines on and off the field. On Wednesday, they managed to do it again with the actions of their now-former reliever Jorge Lopez and his meltdown after being ejected from the game.

Jake Mintz is joined by national baseball reporter from the Washington Post, Chelsea Janes, as they talk about what led up to the incident on the field, the miscommunication in Jorge’s postgame scrum and why it seems like the Mets let him down for the backlash he received.

Also on this episode of the Baseball Bar-B-Cast, Jake and Chelsea look at how the Washington Nationals have improved enough to make this a success so far and they talk about why the Baltimore Orioles need to at least get to the ALCS for 2024 to be considered another step forward for their young group of players.

Later, they discuss why there should be some concern for the New York Yankees’ rotation after losing Clark Schmidt for 4-6 weeks, the Toronto Blue Jays releasing their “night mode” City Connect uniforms and give their takes for The Good, The Bad & The Uggla for this week.

(1:25) – Chelsea’s time playing college softball

(3:59) – Jorge Lopez-Mets situation

(19:34) – Nationals success this season

(28:05) – Next step for the Orioles

(32:58) – Clark Schmidt injury

(35:36) – Blue Jays City Connect

(38:33) – The Good

(42:02) – The Bad

(46:15) – The Uggla

(53:26) – Weekend preview

John Jones-USA TODAY SportsJohn Jones-USA TODAY Sports

John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

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