Matt Rogers, Nest and Mill co-founder, talks mastering consumer tech at Disrupt 2024

Consumer technology is hard, but few people have mastered it as well as Matt Rogers, co-founder of Nest and now Mill, his new startup that promises to turn your table scraps into planet-saving treasure.

Mill burst out of the gate last year after spending some time in stealth refining its waste bin, an easy to use kitchen accessory that belies the complexity of its hardware and software. Matt Rogers’ newest product takes food waste and turns it into compost by breakfast. The resulting grounds can be spread on gardens or sent back to Mill to be used as chicken feed, closing the loop.

Matt Rogers will bring his trademark energy and insights to TechCrunch Disrupt 2024 on October 28-30 in San Francisco.

Who Is Matt Rogers?

His resume speaks for itself. After working on iPod and early iPhone software at Apple, he co-founded Nest, the home automation startup that soon sold to Google for $3.2 billion, in the process reinventing household staples like the thermostat and smoke detector.

Now, with Mill, he’s continuing his mission to bring delight to forgotten parts of our homes. During our fireside interview with Matt Rogers, we’ll dive into the secrets behind making great consumer products, unpack Mill’s plans to slash household carbon footprints and hear why he thinks climate tech is one of the most consequential sectors of this century.

About TechCrunch Disrupt 2024

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