Nexpow's newest car jump starter is available for over 50% off today – its lowest price ever

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A dead car battery is one of those issues that nearly every driver has to face from time to time. If you drive a car for long enough, chances are you’ll eventually go to start your engine and, well, absolutely nothing will happen. More often than not, a dead battery is a quick and easy problem to fix. Nowadays, it’s even easier than ever thanks to portable jump starters like this one from Nexpow. A portable jump starter doesn’t require you to flag down a second vehicle to borrow some charge from since it stores electricity in a convenient little box that fits in your trunk. Jump starters come in all shapes, sizes and strengths and Nexpow has tons of options. Today, though, we’re featuring this fantastic 50% off deal (with an additional $30 off digital coupon to boot) on a new, powerful offering from the brand, bringing it down to its lowest price ever. If you want to jump right to the product listing, feel free to do that here or learn more below. 

$69.99 at Amazon

The Nexpow G17 S40 jump starter is the most powerful in Nexpow’s G17 lineup at the time of this post. Before the release of this product, you could only hope for 2000A of peak current from a G17 model from the brand. While that’s absolutely more than enough for most uses, if you’re the kind of person who always wants the best-of-the-best, then this new model is the one you should consider. This one not only offers double the peak current (4000A) of the previous model, with this discount it’s also only $10 more expensive. Thanks to the power upgrade, it can start all gasoline and diesel engines up to 10L, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, lawn mowers and even yachts. It’s even made to be reliable in extreme temperatures (-4°F up to 140°F).

It’s built with a fireproof casing, features heavy-duty cables and includes “10 built-in protection technologies” so you don’t need to stress about accidentally misusing it. Right from the horses mouth: “You can connect to any 12-volt car battery with confidence and safety.” In addition to its main job, jumping your vehicle, the G17 S40 also doubles as a portable power bank for your USB devices. It’s got USB, USB 3.0 and USB-C outputs. The jump starter only takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0% to 100% when plugged into a 60W wall charger or USB-C adapter and on a full charge. The product listing doesn’t make clear how many jumps you’ll get on a single charge, but the Nexpow’s 4000A Q11 model promises up to 60 jumps on a charge, which is probably a good comparison. If you’re wondering what the difference is, the Q11 model is a bit bigger, heavier, and older, but it’s another great potential option, also on sale right now.

Key Features

  • Starts all gasoline and diesel engines up to 10L
  • Doubles as a power bank for USB devices
  • Built-in safety technologies and LED lights with emergency settings
  • Includes USB-C charging cable, storage box, manual and free technical support

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