Planning your maternity photoshoot? A celeb photographer shares her best tips

Beka Price has made it her mission to celebrate and immortalize one of life’s most profound yet fleeting moments: the journey of pregnancy. As a renowned maternity photographer based in Utah, Price has a unique blend of creativity, sensitivity and technical mastery that shines through in her gorgeous photos. Her stunning maternity and newborn portraits highlight the strength and beauty of motherhood, which has made her the go-to choice for a wide range of clients, including Olympic gymnast Mykayla Skinner and NFL player Pharaoh Brown.

Mykayla Skinner maternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photography
Mykayla Skinner by Beka Price Photography

“I was always fascinated with everything related to pregnancy and childbirth, and naturally felt connected with other women while going through pregnancy myself. I was fortunate to have had great pregnancies, so I wanted to somehow help other women enjoy that time, too,” Price says.

When Price was pregnant, maternity photos weren’t super popular, she says, but she knew she wanted to capture the progress of her growing belly. “I had a simple point-and-shoot camera that I used to take a quick photo every week,” she shares, which sparked her interest in specializing in maternity photography in her career. Now, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else. “Being with other women during this often challenging time and helping them feel beautiful, confident and registering these memories is truly a joy for me,” she says. If she ever were to retire from photography, she’d become a midwife or doula, she posits.

From styling tips to day-of guidance, Price shares her best advice to thoughtfully plan your maternity photoshoot experience—and make sure that the resulting photos are ones to treasure.

maternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photographymaternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photography
Beka Price Photography

Take the time to celebrate yourself

On the fence about booking a shoot? Take the leap, Price stresses. “A maternity photoshoot can be all about the mother, to celebrate her body and the journey of growing a baby. The mother deserves to be celebrated even if this isn’t her first or last baby,” she notes. “I know many women don’t feel beautiful or comfortable around this time, but even still: do the photos, wear the gowns, show your bump. You will be happy you did it!” she shares. A lot of times we don’t realize how fast time passes until it’s gone—and you can’t get that moment back, Price says. 

Remember that photographs are forever

Consider your maternity shoot an archive for the future—and even an heirloom to pass down. “Photographs are passed on through generations, and mothers can have a special bond with their children through photographs,” Price explains. “They can tell a story and bring back feelings that may have once been forgotten. It is a very special feeling to be able to look back 5 or 10 years and get to relive those moments through photos.” 

maternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photographymaternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photography
Beka Price Photography

Find a dedicated maternity photographer

Do find a photographer who specializes in maternity photography, because those professionals are more experienced in posing and working the best angles so your photos truly show the best version of yourself, Price shares. “It’s important to hire someone who will listen to your wishes and vision. If you don’t have something in mind, a photographer who has great taste and style is the best decision.” It’s also helpful to find a photographer who has a large assortment of clothing available [gowns, dresses, bodysuits, tops, etc.], so you don’t have to worry about looking for and/or purchasing items for your session.” If that’s not an option, consider asking friends and family to borrow something or contacting a local stylist in your area who might be able to help source options. 

maternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photographymaternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photography
Beka Price Photography

Lean into your aesthetic

Whether you love lush florals or serene neutrals or dreamy textures, pick a style that speaks to you (try scouring Pinterest for inspo!) and communicate that to your photographer in advance, who can help hone in on your defined aesthetic so you’re happy with the end result. “A lot of my clients have been requesting flowers and fabrics for a very romantic style, but also I continue to hear requests for classic, timeless, clean and modern looks which will always be in style,” Price shares.

maternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photographymaternity photoshoot by Beka Price Photography
Beka Price Photography

Book during the sweet spot

If you can, Price suggests booking your shoot between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. “It’s usually when the belly is big and round enough to show on photos but not so big that it is uncomfortable to pose and stand for a longer period of time.” 

Of course, this is just a suggestion, Price adds, but your photographer should be able to adjust to your specific needs and situation.

Consider using a hair and makeup team

Having a pro handle your hair and makeup can also take some of the pressure off and help you feel your most confident on your big day. That way, “you can just enjoy and relax during your photoshoot,” Price shares. Ask your photographer for recommendations, or reach out to friends or family who may have had shoots done, too. Then, when the big day comes, soak up every minute!

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