Pushd's Stage 6 E-Commerce Presale Emerges as a Safe Haven Amid Bitcoin's Decline, Attracting Avalanche and Maker Investors

Pushd is getting much attention as a hot investment opportunity in 2024. Many experts think it could do very well after the launch; estimates are that it can do better than big cryptocurrencies like Avalanche and Maker this year. Amid the market correction, major cryptos like Bitcoin are taking a big hit, and in these conditions, Pushd looks like a better investment option.

In cryptocurrency, big investment funds’ moves can show where the market might be heading. Lately, one fund caught people’s eyes by putting a big chunk of its money into Pushd. Pushd is a decentralized online marketplace about to change the e-commerce industry.

Avalanche Korea GM Talks About Blockchain Usage In the Gaming Industry

At GDC 2024, AvalancheKorea General Manager Justin Kim chatted about where blockchain technology is headed. He talked about why creating a solid infrastructure specifically for gaming is crucial. Kim shared that developers are already busy making games using Avalanche. He believes that in the future, blockchain tech will play a significant role in how gaming is set up and run.

Justin said Avalanche is unique because it’s the only blockchain where you don’t have to pay gas fees or use your tokens to cover them. Avalanche makes things easy with its ‘Subnet’ service, keeping traffic running smoothly. It does this by adjusting gas fees or adding extra security with Know Your Customer (KYC) checks. 

Decentralized Finance Pioneer: The Maker Protocol

Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization operating on the Ethereum blockchain. Its native cryptocurrency, Maker and stablecoin Dai, are central to its ecosystem.

Their main goal is to ensure stability in the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies. They do this by using smart contracts and collateralized debt positions, or CDPs for short. Users can put up assets, like Ethereum, as a guarantee to get Dai in return. Dai always stays worth about the same as a dollar, which is helpful when the value of other cryptocurrencies is jumping up and down.

MKR holders govern the MakerDAO ecosystem, making decisions through a decentralized governance process. They manage various aspects, including setting stability fees (interest rates), adding new collateral types, and implementing changes to the protocol.

E-commerce Set to Evolve with Pushd

Pushd is revolutionizing traditional commerce models, and its newly launched decentralized P2P marketplace protocol is expected to play a significant role in this shift. The P2P ecosystem, a vital part of Pushd, empowers individuals by enabling them to trade directly without intermediaries. This reduces transaction costs and creates a more inclusive and accessible marketplace. Centralized platforms no longer limit users; they can connect with people worldwide, creating a borderless economy.

Moreover, Pushd presale participants will receive a generous revenue share, allowing them to earn passive income. The more Pushd tokens they hold, the greater their rewards. As of stage 6 of the presale, the current price of Pushd tokens is $0.144. According to crypto analysts, Pushd may trade at the $1 level in 2025.

Find out more about the Pushd presale at their official website.

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