RBD’s Comeback Tour Is A Y2K Fashion Celebration

The band’s comeback means the fandom is also ready to head back to school — in their own way. On TikTok, searches for “rbd concert outfit ideas” have grown over 12 million views. “I’ve seen so many videos of people already like connecting, making bracelets, sharing outfits,” Sanchez says, who also shared a few videos of outfit ideas prior to the tour’s start last week. “We’re all going to be there together reliving our childhood together.” Following the tour’s start on August 25, creators also took to TikTok to share the street style at the tour stop in El Paso, Texas. From modern iterations of the Rebelde uniform to vintage RBD merch and Y2K-inspired fashion, the crowd at the first few shows has taken RBD’s outfit formula to heart, giving the classic a modern spin. White button-down shirts were paired with leather harnesses, while uniform-like ensembles were accessorized with cowboy hats. Looking at videos on TikTok, the crowds are a sea of red, white, and black — the official color palette of RBD and Rebelde

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