Refreshed Porsche 911 revealed in spy photos with very little camo, restyled front and rear

If these spy shots are any indication, Porsche is getting rather close to revealing its refresh for this generation of 911. Presumably, this will be referred to as the 992.2 generation of 911, and the car we’re looking at now appears to be equipped with Porsche’s optional Aero Kit.

The level of camouflage on this test car is also reduced compared to the last set of 911 spy shots we got to examine. Its front bumper is showing off a new vent design without any shrouding in place to conceal it. We’ll need to wait for proper information, but it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that those vertical slats are active, allowing them to open and close as necessary to allow airflow. The central part of the front grille is open and revealing its shape now, too, and we get to take a peek at the flanking directional openings on either side of the central grille, too. And finally, take a gander at those new lights that now directly integrate the turn signals within the main headlight assembly.

Turn your attention rearward for a good look at the new rear bumper and exhaust outlet. The model designation and taillight are still shrouded by camo, but below that you can see a rear bumper with more pronounced corners and a unique lower portion. The black plastic surround for the exhaust is all new, and this particular tester has its tips pushed to the middle. Compared to the current 911, the exhaust exit is much more centrally located, though still not a direct central exit like the GT3 models. That Aero Kit makes itself known via the extra aggressive front splitter, but it’s most obvious in the rear with the tall rear wing.

We hope to see the completely undisguised refreshed 911 soon where all of its new secrets will be revealed.

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