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Silence and Shadow by Erin Beaty


Book Two 

After confronting a killer and fleeing her home to be with each other, Cat and Simon arrive in the sprawling city of Londunium pretending to be a newly married couple, but don’t expect to keep up the ruse for long. Cat looks forward to honing her healing magick at the local Selanae university, but instead finds a council of ruthless leaders threatening to erase her non-Selanae “husband’s” memories to protect their secrets.

Terrified to lose him, Cat takes desperate steps to keep him safe. But when a string of mutilated bodies turns up in the woods outside the city, and Simon is recruited to profile the killer, Cat is pulled back into a world of murder, mayhem, and magick—one that threatens to swallow her, and everything she loves, whole.

The sequel to Erin Beaty’s buzzworthy YA medieval fantasy-thriller Blood and MoonlightSilence and Shadow is full of swoony romance, dangerous magick, and murder—perfect for fans of Kerri Maniscalco and Mary E. Pearson.




This is a sequel, so there will be spoilers from book one below.

Catrin and Simon are in a new town, pretending to be a married couple. Catrin needs to study at the Selanae university and she needs Simon to stay there with her. Her magic is very strong. The coroner realizes just how strong and wants to keep it from the other leaders. Simon is treated as a outcast, but there is a bit of respect at times for his knowledge. Bodies have been found mutilated and dumped. The coroner studies them. The reeve, Martin, thinks there is a serial killer. It’s why he brings the bodies to Selanae. Hespera thinks it’s possible it’s a serial killer, but is unsure. Simon studies the bodies and believes Martin. There are so many bodies and Martin wants to stop the killer right away. Simon agrees to help him. Catrin is also pulled into everything. There are weird politics (sort of) with the Selanae and Catrin finds that she really can’t trust any of them.

I really loved this one. The murders were interesting and I love Catrin and Simon. I enjoyed the new characters. It wasn’t the fastest paced book, but I still found it really hard to put down. I liked learning a bit more of the magic and the stones used.

I gave this book 5 stars.

Thank you to the publisher and Edelweiss for my earc.


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