SNL roasts Trump on E. Jean Carroll verdict, DeSantis endorsement in 'Weekend Update'

The latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” took aim at former President Trump over the E. Jean Carroll verdict and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for endorsing the former president.

Co-host Colin Jost roasted Trump on the show’s segment of “Weekend Update” for being ordered by a jury last week to pay $83.3 million to Carroll in his defamation lawsuit. He also poked fun at him for campaigning off of the jury’s ruling.

“The jury in his defamation case has ordered Donald Trump to pay writer E. Jean Carroll $83.3 million. And Trump is a billionaire — So obviously he immediately hit up your grandma for five bucks. They ordered Trump to pay $83 million. That’s how unlikable he is. For perspective, OJ Simpson only had to pay 33 million for a double murder,” Jost said.

He also mocked when the federal judge threatened to kick Trump out of the courtroom for being disruptive during the trial and for being ordered to pay more than the $24 million Carroll’s lawyers asked for in closing arguments.

“This trial must have driven Trump crazy,” Jost said. “The judge kept telling him to shut up. The jury made him pay triple what the victim asked for. Even the courtroom sketch artist made him look … like that lady who got her face ripped off by a monkey.”

“The only way this could have gotten worse for Trump is if they took away his businesses, which is, of course, what happens in next week’s trial,” he added.

Closing arguments in Trump’s separate civil fraud case in New York ended earlier this month, where the state’s attorney general is asking for the former president to be barred from New York’s real estate business and to pay nearly $370 million in penalties for falsifying financial records.

The judge is expected to make a decision by Jan. 31.

Co-host Michael Che then blasted DeSantis for endorsing Trump ahead of the New Hampshire primaries last week.

“Ron DeSantis endorsed Donald Trump. He called DeSantis a really terrific person and promised to stop calling him Ron DeSanctimonious,” Che said.

“Well, it’s like a wise man once said,” Che continued, before playing a clip of DeSantis speaking at a campaign event.

“You can be the most worthless Republican in America. But if you kiss the ring he’ll say You’re wonderful,” DeSantis said in the clip.

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