Space and Time Launches ZK Stack Hyperchains For Verifiable Data Across Enterprises

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AI-powered decentralized data warehouse Space and Time, or SxT, announced a strategic collaboration with Matter Labs, a software development, engineering and cryptography company dealing with zkSynk hyperchains. The strategic partnership aims to help SxT build a ZK Stack hyperchain and integrate its zero-knowledge technology with zkSync. The two companies will build a Verifiable Compute layer, which is expected to enhance decentralization on the platform, aggregate and analyse data from any source, providing trustless data processing to smart contracts, LLMs and enterprises. 

On the partnership with SxT, Vassilis Tziokas, Head of Enterprise Business Development at Matter Labs, showed excitement at their partnership and advancing their mission and visions to structure the next generation of development across the Web 3 space. 

“We’re excited to partner with SxT and advance our shared vision of offering developers sophisticated, data-driven, cross-chain smart contracts,” Tziokas stated. 

Since its launch in 2021, Space and Time has built a platform that combines tamperproof on-chain and off-chain data, allowing enterprises to use this data across smart contracts to build new use cases – crucially, in artificial intelligence applications. Additionally, SxT developed the Proof of SQL cryptography module allowing developers to collect analytics directly to smart contracts, opening up a wealth of powerful new use cases and business logic on blockchain technology

“Space and Time introduces two novel ideas: a decentralized data warehouse and the Proof of SQL protocol, which together serve as the foundational Verifiable Compute Layer for Web3,” Tziokas added. “This, in combination with the Space and Time hyperchain, will enable zero knowledge-based verification of queries/data and ensure that community-operated data warehouse nodes are not manipulating raw data or the query results.”

Space and Time launches new features to the zkSync ecosystem

In light of the latest partnership, Space and Time building on zkSync aims to provide a catalyst for innovation within the ecosystem, as the team statement reads. Following the partnership, SxT announced the development of new features set to be integrated into the zkSync ecosystem. 

First, verifiable indexed zkSync data will be available to the community. This data will be sourced from the zkSync era as well as hyperchains, allowing developers on the platform to freely access this data. Developers will only need to pay for the compute power used to execute ZK-proven queries, rather than storage of the indexed data itself.

Second, the platform will deliver sub-second ZK proofs to zkSync smart contracts. Developers will be able to query transactions, events, or wallets on zkSync and other integrated blockchains. Moreover, zkSync data and off-chain data will be connected back to the zkSync smart contracts faster than before, returning queries within the sub-second block time. 

Finally, developers will be able to access huge loads of off-chain data directly to mart contracts on zkSync, whether from traditional finance markets or other data. They will be able to analyze, aggregate and verify this data, enabling them to build more sophisticated and futuristic DeFi applications. 

In addition, the two research teams are exploring how to natively integrate SQL capabilities into the zkEVM stack, making zkSync the first SQL-compatible smart contract platform.

Space and Time builds its hyperchain on the ZK Stack

As alluded to, the partnership aims to expand the development of SxT’s hyperchain on ZK Stack. This will be the dedicated end-case computation environment for all of SxT’s operations, regardless of the origin chain. The hyperchain is expected to offer a number of benefits to developers on SxT.

Some of the benefits of the hyperchain include a dedicated settlement layer for the SxT network, expected to enhance the security and increase transactional efficiency on the network. In addition, the hub chain for all SxT network TVL will be on the hyperchain.  SxT plans to accept payments for compute power in various tokens and will settle liquidity on zkSync. Finally, transactions will be hashed onto the hyperchain to create a tamper-proof audit trail of data stored on the SxT network. 

According to Scott Dykstra, Co-Founder and CTO of SxT, building hyperchains and a zkSync network will further enhance the innovation across the Layer 2 ecosystem.

“Given our commitment to ZK, we knew we wanted to leverage a zkEVM as our network’s dedicated settlement layer,” Dykstra said during the partnership announcement. “zkSync is best-in-class in fulfilling the vision of trustless L2s, offering extremely fast and low-cost ZK-proven transactions. We’re excited to welcome zkSync developers to the SxT ecosystem.” 

The latest developments follow the open-source release of Blitzar, the GPU acceleration framework powering Proof of SQL, which has set them as a leader in the zero-knowledge proof space. The innovation has made SxT a pioneer in the ZK field, becoming the first platform to offer sub-second ZK proofs on-chain. 

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