Stanley’s new art deco tumblers are here to give your h2o the glam it deserves

If you’ve been anywhere in TikTok in the last few years, you must be familiar with Stanley tumblers, the giant, insulated water bottles that have been made famous by influencers and anyone who posts videos on the platform. These water bottles are already everywhere — but expect to see a lot more of them soon, because Stanley just released a new line of them, and they’re so stunningly glam, even those who haven’t yet converted to the cult of Stanley are probably going to want one.

The new tumblers are in Stanley’s Quencher H2.0 FlowState style, AKA the huge, 40-ounce tumblers with side handles that you see all over TikTok. The updated part is the colors: Stanley just released a line of art-deco inspired cups, and trust us when we say they are absolutely gorgeous.

The Deco collection features five combinations of colors and patterns. The tumblers themselves are matte and come in black, blush pink, forest green, navy blue, or cream. But each one also features shiny gold detailing around the rim of the lid, and in an art deco pattern around the tumbler itself. Each color features a unique pattern, and we honestly can’t decide which one is the prettiest. What we do know is that the gold embellishments absolutely pop against the matte backgrounds. 

Beyond just the looks, these tumblers have 40 ounces of capacity and vacuum, double-walled insulation to keep beverages cold for hours (they claim to keep ice frozen overnight). They also have spill-proof lids and straws, and the handles are nice and big to make them easy to grab and carry. One of the features people really love about them is their tapered base — it’s not easy to find a water bottle that can hold 40 ounces, but still fits in a car cup holder, but Stanley tumblers fit that bill.

Oh, and like most Stanley products, these are likely to sell out. So if you want one, you should get your hands on it ASAP.

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