Subaru teases electric sports car ahead of Tokyo reveal

Subaru is teasing what will likely be the centerpiece of its booth at the 2023 Tokyo Mobility Show (formerly the Tokyo Motor Show). Details are as opaque as the shadow on the teaser image but its name, the Subaru Sport Mobility Concept, indicates something enthusiasts can get behind.

Subaru’s own description of the car is that of an EV that can be driven for fun. The company also calls it an evolution of Subaru’s sporting intentions. That explanation, plus the sleek profile, prove that it’s not just another electric crossover.

We’ve brightened the teaser image to reveal what looks to be a glass canopy. Of course, a Subie with that much glass recalls the 1991-96 SVX, known for its funky window-in-window design. The windshield area looks to have an illuminated section where Subaru’s EyeSight safety sensors and cameras, to assist with functions like lane keeping and pre-collision braking, would reside. 

Adding some light on the teaser also reveals muscular fenders with a wide seam separating the bodywork from we presume is cladding. The cladding takes somewhat of a hexagonal shape popular on many current Subarus, including the WRX, but appear to be body colored rather than black plastic.

The nose features two thin LED headlights and driving (rally?) lights with wider openings. Adorning the hood is an illuminated Subaru badge, which makes sense as the logo is actually the constellation Pleiades (which is called “Subaru” in Japanese).

In the rush to the BEV transition, most auto manufacturers have flocked to making electric crossovers, trucks or other luxury vehicles. Which carmaker will create the first electric compact sports coupe for those of us who still enjoy driving? Hopefully the Subaru Sport Mobility concept isn’t just vaporware. 

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