The Best Bathroom Trends Are All About Wellness—and We’re Here for It

When it’s time to wind down for the evening, a warm bath is a welcome ritual that can help ease you into a restful sleep. A hot shower wakes you up first thing in the morning, and applying makeup in front of the mirror can help you feel confident and prepared to tackle the day ahead. The bathroom is an essential space in your home, as it’s the one spot you consistently use day in and day out. 

According to designers, making the bathroom your own oasis of peace and relaxation has been top of mind for many, so it’s no surprise that 2024 bathroom trends are all about wellness. This year’s trending design elements feature spa-like amenities, bold tile, and calming colors and textures that transform your bathroom into a personalized retreat experience in your home. We’re going heavy on the self-care and embracing it all. Read on for this year’s bathroom trends, according to designers.

Luxury, Wellness-Focused Amenities

If you’re diving into a bathroom renovation and have always dreamed of a resort-style retreat, Brad Ramsey, Principal and Founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors has good news for you. “Steam showers, infrared saunas, and cold plunges are being incorporated more and more into our designs as they get more affordable and accessible,” he shares. 

“From aromatherapy tubs to red-light therapy and saunas, bathrooms are becoming the spa retreat at home,” Shelagh Conway, Principal and Founder of Triple Heart Design says in agreement. Conway recommends utilizing organic materials and playing with natural light if your bathroom has windows. If you’re tight on space or simply don’t have your sights set on a sauna, Conway recommends adding a few bells and whistles to your shower. “Luxury shower options like steam, body sprays, and chromotherapy are all becoming the priority in a well-designed bathroom,” she cites. 

Warm Colors and Earthy Textures

Incorporating natural elements into our spaces helps us feel relaxed and at ease, so it makes sense that creating an at-home oasis in your bathroom means being inspired by nature’s colors and textures. Keri Lainas, Owner & Principal Designer of Keri Michell Interiors has noticed her clients are wanting to bring a sense of calm to their bathrooms, and creating spa-like retreats are some of her favorite projects.  “Bringing together elements like soft brick, warm colors, and earthy woods and textures creates a timeless space that never gets outdated,”  Lainas explains. “Who wouldn’t want to feel like they’re in a Mediterranean spa, right at home!”

Framed Showers

Open concept living has gradually been falling out of style since the pandemic. We’re now collectively craving more defined spaces, and even though bathrooms are a private space to begin with, Audrey Scheck of Audrey Scheck Design is noticing that clients want even more seclusion when it comes to the shower.Instead of frameless glass shower enclosures, we are seeing a shift toward more private, cozy showers that are framed and drywalled to have an interesting opening such as an arch,” she says. Showers like these can be show-stopping, and if you do include an arched shower opening, consider arched mirrors and doorways as well.

Unique Tiles

2024 design trends are all about making bold choices and having more fun in our spaces, which means that basic tile is on the outs. “I have been loving unique tile patterns in bathrooms lately, even doing a two-tone mix of subway tiles gives a cool look with such a simple tile design,”  Kristin Marino of KozyKasa shares. Scheck predicts interesting stone and tile as well. “Gone are the days of using a safe, basic tile,” she says. “Expect to see much more interesting tile, pattern, and installation styles this year.”


Matte black finishes have been having a moment, but Scheck is seeing an influx of polished chrome, and she’s here for it. “Silver is back!” she exclaims. “No more playing it safe with black and brass. The trend is shifting toward hues of silver.” 

Silver finishes go well with many different design styles, from modern to traditional, making it an excellent choice for your bathroom. Keep in mind glossy finishes require a bit more upkeep, since fingerprints and water spots will be more pronounced. Be prepared to clean more often with chrome!

Bold Lighting

Highly individualized design choices mean that a simple sconce over your mirror is just the beginning when it comes to lighting choices in your bathroom. “Think suspended pendant lights that hang overhead or singular, offset sconces instead of symmetrical sconces on either side of the mirror,” Scheck suggests. Think beyond just function—now is the perfect time for a chandelier over a soaking tub, don’t you think?

Minimal and Modern

While maximalism is making a colorful splash this year, Lainas knows that minimal and modern bathrooms will never go out of style. “Using materials that are subtle and streamlined gives a ‘less is more’ feel, allowing each design element to play off of each other,” she says. If bold tile or lighting isn’t your style, lean into softer color palettes and materials. “White oak cabinetry is often my go-to when creating a minimal, yet modern bathroom,” Lainas recommends.

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