The best car drying towels of 2024

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After getting your car washed, you’ll want to ensure it’s dry, by drying it off with a good-quality towel. If you don’t wipe the water off, it will evaporate and leave water spots – debris or minerals on the surface of your vehicle’s paint and clear coat. Over time this could lead to stains appearing on your car‘s finish that are difficult to remove. To prevent paint damage, and have your car nice and dry after a wash, check out the best car drying towels available at Amazon.

$29.99 at Amazon

The Chemical Guys Wooly Mammoth Large Microfiber Towels for Cars is one of the largest and thickest towels money can buy. This towel can hold up to a gallon of water and can effectively dry just about any size vehicle, with ease. In user reviews, customers commented that they liked the towel’s absorbency, size and softness. They say “it’s very gentle on paint, absorbs water really well and is large enough to handle any job.” One negative we found among user-reviews, was complaints about the lint. This is a great towel from Chemical Guys but we also like their THIRST TRAP – MICROFIBER CHAMOIS DRYING TOWEL – $24.99 at Chemical Guys. Thirst Trap Microfiber Chamois Towel combines the absorbency of a chamois, wrapped in the soft touch of microfiber for an effective, gentle dry of your car. 

Key Specs

  • 36 x 25 x 1”
  • Silk edges 
  • Swirl and Scratch-resistant
  • Branded sil piping on edges
  • Can hold up to a gallon of water
  • Traps leftover dirt within fibers


$10.40 at Amazon

This Meguair’s Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel can absorb up to two times the water compared to a traditional terry towel. It has a very good 4.6 out of 5-star user rating at Amazon. Reviews cite the towels quality, drying capacity and value as reasons to consider buying. They also mention it’s a good size, “good for bikes and small cars.”

Key Specs

  • Made with premium microfiber
  • Gentle on paint
  • Waffle pattern
  • No-scratch design
  • Reusable and machine washable

Amazon Basics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Drying Mitts

$9.99 at Amazon

Amazon Basics has a product for just about anything you could imagine. Their Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Drying Mitts are worn like a glove and have elastic wrist cuffs to keep them attached tightly to your hand. This mitt won’t cause any abrasions, or scratches or leave lint behind on your car’s paint. In user reviews, customers noted that they like the quality, absorbency, performance, color and how easy it is to clean this car wash mitt.  

Key Specs

  • 2-pack
  • Can absorb up to 7 times its weight
  • Non-abrasive
  • Streak-free
  • Elastic wrist cuffs
  • 1-year warranty

USANooks Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

$9.99 at Amazon

These USANooks Microfiber Cleaning Cloths are made with commercial grade 300 GSM (grams per square meter) material. GSM ranks a fabric by how thick and absorbent it is, and the towels from this bundle are extremely absorbent and won’t leave behind any streaks, swirls or residue after using them. It currently has a very good 4.7 out of 5-star user rating at Amazon, in reviews, customers noted that they like the absorbency, washability, value, size and color selections for this car wash towel. 

Key Specs

  • 12-pack
  • #1 best-selling exterior car care microfiber cloth on Amazon
  • Strong lint-free fibers
  • Swirl and scratch-free
  • Can last up to 1,200 washes
  • Machine washable

Zwipes Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towels

$10.81 at Amazon

These Zwiper Professional Microfiber Waffle Drying Towels use a waffle weave pattern that helps them easily absorb water. Due to their size and absorbency, they can dry SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs and boats quickly and easily. As great as these towels are, you must be careful not to wipe the edges or tag on your vehicle as it may cause abrasions. In user reviews, some pros that customers noted about this towel are the quality, absorbency, dryness, value, and texture. 

Key Specs

  • 2-pack
  • Absorbent waffle weave pockets
  • Rounded and soft-edge lining
  • Can be reused hundreds of times
  • Great for drying large cars
  • Edges and tag may potentially scratch your vehicle

The Rag Company Dry Me A River

$19.95 at Amazon

The Rag Company Dry Me A River has a very creative name, but it earns that title with its ability to absorb up to 10 times its weight. Being made from high-quality Korean 70/30 microfiber with a waffle weave pattern, it can survive hundreds of uses. Customers like the softness, absorbency, and streak-free performance of the towel. In reviews, they mention that it’s “super soft, and gentle on paint.” It’s also noted that the towel can be used for other cleaning applications. 

Key Specs

  • Korean 70/30 microfiber blend (390 GSM)
  • Extra large size
  • Waffle weave
  • Safe to use on LCD screens

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a drying towel

Using a towel is one of the easiest things to do, but there are certain things to think of when drying a car. You’ll need to make sure you have a microfiber towel because it won’t scratch or cause swirl marks to your paint. Here is our tutorial on how to dry your car’s paint safely.

How are microfiber drying towels different from regular cotton towels?

A regular towel that you may use in the bathroom or kitchen is typically made from cotton, and these will scratch the paint as they are made to be soft for your body and dishes and unable to properly dry a vehicle. On the other hand, microfiber towels can hold significantly more water and the fiber they are built with fibers that are resistant to abrasions, scratches and swirl marks.

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