The best car snow brushes of 2023

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A snow brush is something every car owner in colder regions should own. If you live in a warmer climate, it still wouldn’t hurt to have one in case of a wintry emergency. These brushes can remove snow that piles up on the car, and the other end has a scraper that removes ice from windows and mirrors. For those who drive larger vehicles like pickup trucks, vans and SUVs, there are scrapers with extendable handles that can access hard-to-reach areas on your vehicle. Here are the best car snow brushes currently available on Amazon.

$13.49 at Amazon

Key features

  • PVC brush
  • Ergonomic foam grip
  • Design prevents scratches
  • Paint protection designed
  • Detachable
  • 1-year warranty

The AstroAI Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper is 27” long and has a 7” brush head that can reach any part of the car. It has a paint protection design that won’t harm the finish of your paint and prevents scratches. This scraper comes with a 1-year warranty.

Snow Joe SJBLZD-LED 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

$15.40 at Amazon

Key features

  • 18” non-scratch foam head
  • Built-in ice scraper
  • Built-in bracket
  • Extendable pole adjusts from 33” to 52”
  • LED lights

The Snow Joe 4-In-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper has an 18” non-scratch wide foam head and an adjustable pole that ranges from 33” to 52” long. There are four LED lights that have an emergency blinker feature if you are in need of help in low visibility conditions.

EcoNour 27" Aluminum Car Snow Scraper And Brush

$17.45 at Amazon

Key features

  • Made with aluminum
  • Ergonomic foam grip
  • Scratch-proof bristles
  • Anti-scratch knuckles
  • Detach button

This EcoNour Aluminum Car Snow Scraper and Brush has a durable body built from aluminum and plastic. The PVC plastic bristles are scratch-proof and won’t damage your vehicle’s windshield, windows or mirrors while using it. The slip-resistant handle makes the scraper easy to use and the detachable brush adds on to its versatility.

Trazon 27" Snow Brush and Snow Scraper for Car

$9.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • ABS scraper
  • High-quality handle
  • Detachable design
  • Scratch-free
  • Cushioned grip
  • Lightweight

The Trazon Snow Brush And Snow Scraper is 27” long and has an ABS plastic brush body. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to use and won’t cause distress to your hands after prolonged use. Trazon will issue a refund or replace your scraper if you contact customer support, but it varies depending on your issues.

Foval 27" Snow Brush with Wider Ice Scraper

$19.99 at Amazon

Key features

  • 2 pack
  • Wider scraper design
  • Soft brush bristles
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Storage bag included
  • 1-year warranty

This Foval Snow Brush With Wide Ice Scraper comes in a pack of two. They are made with high-quality ABS plastic, soft brush bristles and a cotton handle. This scraper pack comes with a 1-year warranty.

How to use a snow brush and scraper

If you live in an area where it snows, then you should already know how to use a snow brush. If you aren’t familiar with these, then don’t worry, it’s very easy. Just brush the snow off with the brush and scrape off the ice completely from the windows so you can see while driving. Most important, be very careful not to scrape your car’s paint.

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