These 3 Cryptos Could Turn $500 Into $50,000 This Bull Run

The pseudonymous analyst, TechDev, known for making macro crypto calls has predicted that the altcoin market has entered a “textbook markup.” His prediction suggests that the altcoinmarket could increase by more than 5x this bull run.

However, there are some top altcoins that could turn your $500 investment into $50,000 before the end of this bull run. Read on to find out why Pepe, Rollblock, and are the three best altcoins to buy for this type of massive return.

Pepe (PEPE) Sets New All-Time High; Analysts Remain Bullish

In the 2024 bull market so far, Pepe (PEPE) has been one of the top performers. YTD, the price of the meme coin has increased by more than 10.5x, setting multiple ATHs in the process. Even after forming a new ATH at $0.00001725, analysts are still bullish about Pepe for the rest of the year.

Jason Pizzino, in his latest analysis session, explained that the meme coin has a very strong market structure. According to Pizzino, Pepe represents a great opportunity this year for investors willing to back the meme coin. Its rally so far shows that it is an altcoin you can trust for an explosive rally this year.

Rollblock (RBLK) To Shoot Towards $5 As Support Grows

The altcoin with the biggest chance of turning a $500 investment into $50k this bull cycle is Rollblock (RBLK). This DeFi project has stolen the spotlight even from the biggest cryptos because of its deep roots in the booming online gambling world. The online gambling business is forecasted to hit an astounding $744 billion by 2028, providing massive room for growth for Rollblock.

Rollblock has been tipped to take maximum advantage of this growth with its fully licensed and ready-to-go crypto casino platform. While competing with other traditional online gambling platforms, Rollblock focuses on an easy registration process and the protection of customers’ data using blockchain technology.

Another aspect where this DeFi project shines is transparency, using blockchain to bring about a very fair casino and gambling process. Also, the use of cryptocurrency and the simple onboarding process has been forecasted to attract existing and new gamblers, especially as it eases the KYC process. In addition, gamblers can access over 150 games with ease, even using cryptos to bet.

The strategic positioning of Rollblock in a multi-billion-dollar market and its revenue share model is why analysts are very bullish that RBLK can hit $5 in this bull cycle. Rollblock will share up to 30% of their weekly revenue with holders. It will use the revenue to buy back RBLK tokens from the open market, adding huge buying pressure to the token. Half of the tokens are burned, reducing the total supply and the other half will be used to provide some of the best staking rewards in the crypto space.  Still in the second round of its presale, RBLK is being traded at $0.012 but it is set to jump in the next couple of days to $0.014. However, the forecasts of a rally to $5 means RBLK is one of the best altcoins to buy for gains of more than 100x this year. (AI) Poised for Parabolic Rise As the AI-Crypto Market Grows (AI) is another altcoin that is well-positioned for a massive price surge this bull cycle. This ambitious initiative aims to create a decentralized artificial intelligence future in which anybody can take part in a revolutionary marketplace. hopes to become a blockchain-based platform where users may create and utilize self-governing AI agents. This unique use is why FET, Fetch,ai’s native tokens, is one of the best cryptos to buy now. While FET is priced around $2.25, a potential rally to $50 before the end of this bull market means significant gains for investors.

In Conclusion

Pepe, Rollblock, and are three of the best cryptos to buy now, thanks to their massive upside potentials. However, while FET and PEPE might not be able to yield a 100x ROI this bull cycle because of its large market cap, RBLK can, as a smaller-capped altcoin that is entering into one of the biggest markets in the world.

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