These are the fastest-selling new cars of 2023

If you’re out shopping for a new car, it can seem like some models are never in stock, and if they are, they carry significant dealer markups. iSeeCars’ latest study found that some new vehicles sell considerably faster than others, which could explain some of the difficulty you face in finding your new car.

The study found that the average new car now sells 25.7 percent slower than a year ago, and all electric vehicles (including used ones) take around twice as long to move as they did last year. iSeeCars’ executive analyst, Karl Brauer, said that buyers are tired of high prices and tight inventory, noting that “Used cars were initially driven up by a lack of new car inventory. Now there are plenty of new cars on dealer lots, but consumers aren’t rushing out to buy them. The new car average time-to-sale is down by more than 25 percent, even as used cars are selling 6.1 percent faster. This shows buyers are continuing to seek value in the used car market despite a wide range of new car options.”

The list of new vehicles that sold the fastest over the last year includes the following:

  1. Toyota Grand Highlander Hybrid: 9.2 days on the market
  2. Land Rover Range Rover: 10.4 days
  3. Toyota Grand Highlander: 10.7 days
  4. GMC Yukon: 19.7 days
  5. Lexus NX 350h: 19.7 days
  6. Kia Forte: 21 days
  7. Subaru Crosstrek: 21.8 days
  8. BMW X1: 22.1 days
  9. Toyota Corolla: 22.6 days
  10. Toyota Sienna: 22.9 days

iSeeCars split new EV sales out of the main vehicle population to find the ten fastest-selling models:

  1. Chevrolet Bolt EUV: 29.1 days
  2. BMW i4: 30.5 days
  3. Hyundai Ioniq 5: 47.6 days
  4. Audi Q8 e-tron: 48.5 days
  5. Mercedes-Benz EQE: 49.8 days
  6. Ford Mustang Mach-E: 50.4 days
  7. VW ID.4: 52 days
  8. Toyota bZ4X: 53.5 days

Even the fastest-selling electric models sell far slower than the hottest gas models, and Brauer attributes the difference to the rising number of models on sale. “There are far more new EVs to choose from today than there were a year ago, but this has rapidly elevated competition between electric vehicles, making it more challenging for each model to find a buyer.”

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