Trump claims MSNBC coverage part of election interference campaign

Former President Trump attacked MSNBC and its parent company Comcast late Tuesday night, alleging the media conglomerate is trying to stop him from winning the 2024 election.

“MSNBC (MSDNC) uses FREE government approved airwaves, and yet it is nothing but a 24 hour hit job on Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party for purposes of ELECTION INTERFERENCE,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform.

The former president singled out Brian Roberts, the chairman and CEO of Comcast, by name, calling him a “a slimeball who has been able to get away with these constant attacks for years.”

“It is the world’s biggest political contribution to the Radical Left Democrats who, by the way, are destroying our Country,” he wrote. “Our so-called “government” should come down hard on them and make them pay for their illegal political activity. Much more to come, watch!”

The former president, the current front-runner in the 2024 GOP presidential race, has routinely attacked mainstream media outlets over coverage critical of him, going so far as to characterize journalists as the “enemy of the people,” biased against conservative causes and politicians.

Trump, who became a household name through the NBC show “The Apprentice,” has for years taken specific issue with MSNBC, which features a roster of left-leaning hosts who are often critical of him and his allies.

In September, he threatened to investigate Comcast if he is elected in 2024, saying it “will be thoroughly scrutinized for their knowingly dishonest and corrupt coverage of people, things, and events.”

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