Trying to conceive? The Internet has some opinions about the best time to get pregnant

While some parents battle the emotional and physical roller coaster of infertility, others are debating which month is the perfect time to try to conceive intentionally. For those who do have a choice, and are able to typically conceive on purpose, they might strategically pick the “best” month for them, around a few considerations. One TikTok mom details just when that perfect moment is: “There is only one right answer. End of July, or the month of August,” which she defends on her account lovefranceschiee.

She says your morning sickness will wrap up right before those tasty holiday meals, and seven of your pregnancy months will be during cold weather, which lends itself to oversized sweaters. 


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“Since it’s cold you’re not missing out on a thing,” she says. “You’ll have your baby end of April or May, so you’ll get to enjoy your baby the whole summer, which is great for postpartum.”

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Researchers pretty much agree, as they’ve studied “fecundability,” meaning the odds of conceiving in one menstrual cycle. They found that late November into early December held the best chances of conceiving. In addition, research also backs up her fact about summer months being a bit easier mentally than winter months — moms who gave birth in spring, summer, or autumn had a lower risk of postpartum depression than those who did in winter.

Other moms had alternative ideas, such as one who wrote, “Nope, I would say end of March/April. Cute bump summertime, jumpers in autumn, Birth at Christmas (I’m due the 19th), off work until Jan 2025.” Others shared their sweet and heartbreaking stories of miscarriage and trying to conceive for long periods of time. The TikTokker wraps up by acknowledging that a baby at any time is a “blessing.”

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