US Open: Human highlight reel Carlos Alcaraz survives Dan Evans test

US Open: Human highlight reel Carlos Alcaraz survives Dan Evans test - latest reaction

Carlos Alcaraz is through to the fourth round – Getty Images/Clive Brunskill

British number two Dan Evans is out of the US Open but only after pushing world number one Carlos Alcaraz to four sets in one of the matches of the tournament.

A high-quality and hugely entertaining clash went the way of the defending champion 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3.

“He’s a tricky opponent, great slices, good touch and it’s my game as well so it was a pretty good match,” said Alcaraz.

“We made great points, great shots, a lot of different situations, so I’m really happy to get through

“We played some great points that made us smile, Dan as well. It’s great to see Dan and I on a tennis court, we tried to entertain and make the match fun.”

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09:09 PM BST

What a battle!

US Open: Human highlight reel Carlos Alcaraz survives Dan Evans test - latest reaction

Daniel Evans shakes hands with Carlos Alcaraz after the match – Getty Images/Clive Brunskill

09:03 PM BST

Draper silences New York crowd to reach fourth round but Norrie beaten

Elsewhere, there will be one British man in the second week of the tournament after Jack Draper beat American Michael Mmoh.

The British number four held his nerve to complete a gritty 6-4, 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 victory.

He said: “It was a tough match, Michael is an incredible player who has had a great year and I knew would be a challenge. I was proud of the way I came through it.

“Last year was really difficult, I injured myself and didn’t want that to happen today. To come it through after a tough year for me, I’m very happy.”

There was disappointment for British No 1 Cameron Norrie after he lost in straight-sets to Matteo Arnaldi.

An out-of-sorts Norrie, the 16th seed, was beaten 6-3, 6-4, 6-3 by the Italian world number 61.

08:53 PM BST

More reaction from Alcaraz

Of course I watched the draw and I see the opponents I can play against but I am focused day by day. To defend the title here is a goal for me, I look at that.

Obviously, nobody has defended the title since Roger Federer so I would love to be part of the tournament history with Roger. This is my main goal.

08:42 PM BST

Alcaraz reacts

He is a tricky opponent.

It was a pretty good match, when we played the people love that. We made great points, great shots. A lot of different situations than other matches. I’m really happy to get through and play the fourth round at the US Open.

08:35 PM BST

Watch: The winning moment for Alcaraz

08:30 PM BST

An incredible match

08:26 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 6-3 Evans*

Alcaraz starts the game with a second serve ace wide. Then an ace down the T, 30-0.

Evans attacks the net and Alcaraz lobs him effortlessly, 40-0. Three match points.

Alcaraz forehand winner GAME SET MATCH ALCARAZ.

What a match. Wow.

08:24 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 5-3 Evans

Serving to stay in the match, Evans begins with a volley winner. But Alcaraz hits back with another forehand winner, 15-15.

122mph ace from Evans. Alcaraz shows lightning-quick reactions to hit a volley winner after Evans aims a drive backhand at his body.

Gutsy second serve from Evans catches out Alcaraz. Alcaraz backhand return winner down the line, deuce.

Another much needed ace from Evans and Alcaraz hits forehand return long.

Evans wins another game and forces Alcaraz to hold serve to win the match. One last stand from Evans?

08:18 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 5-2 Evans*

Evans has to find a way to hit back here and recover after being broken. After Alcaraz races to 40-15, Evans pegs him back to deuce. He’s still believing despite the genius coming from the other side of the net.

But a 25th forehand winner from Alcaraz allows him to finally hold.

08:08 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 4-2 Evans

Evans double fault, 15-30. He responds with an excellent 98mph second serve down the T, 30-30.

Alcaraz frames a return out of court, 40-30. All court tennis from Alcaraz as he dances around the court and finishes with a drop volley, deuce.

First break point for set for Alcaraz after Evans nets a backhand.

ALCARAZ BREAKS! Devasting forehand winner by the best player in the world. That ball barely caught the line. He was at full stretch. Evans cannot believe what has just happened. He throws his racket into the net.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans live: Score and latest US Open updates as Briton wins third set 6-4

Daniel Evans returns a shot against Carlos Alcaraz – Getty Images/Al Bello

07:58 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 3-2 Evans*

Another brilliant cat-and-mouse rally between the two players. Patience, skill and then the forehand winner from Alcaraz into the open court, 30-0.

Alcaraz finds the baseline again with another crunching forehand winner. That right arm is a cannon.

Alcaraz holds and moves ahead again.

07:55 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 2-2 Evans

Problems for Evans here as he nets a forehand, 0-30. But he gets himself level after Alcaraz fails to get two returns into play. Alcaraz slides into an Evans volley but nets a backhand.

Evans wrong foots Alcaraz with a forehand and the Spaniard nets a defensive backhand. Terrific recovery.

07:49 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 2-1 Evans*

Service hold to 15 for Alcaraz. He’s all business at the moment. Not happy to still be out there playing.

07:46 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 1-1 Evans

Beauty of a first serve by Evans down the T for an ace, 30-15. Good second serve by Evans and Alcaraz’s return is wide.

Evans forehand winner, a big fist pump and he holds.

How long can he keep up this level?

07:43 PM BST

Fourth Set: Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 4-6, 1-0 Evans* (*denotes next server)

Alcaraz begins the fourth set with a love service game. Some of the forehands he has hit have been outrageous today.

07:39 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 4-6 Evans

Statement of intent from Alcaraz as he rifles a forehand down the line which Evans can’t get back into play. The tension is palpable at the moment.

Serve and volley winner from Evans, 30-15. So good from him. Alcaraz forehand down the line is long. Two set points for Evans.

Alcaraz saves the first with another forehand winner down the line. Huge point coming up…

Alcaraz slips over after hitting a backhand pass but Evans nets the volley. Evans is smiling but on the inside he must be livid with himself. Deuce.

Evans gets another shot at winning the set after Alcaraz’s forehand return goes well wide. Unreal hitting from Alcaraz in a thrilling exchange and he finishes with a forehand volley winner. Back to deuce.

Huge roar from Evans after Alcaraz nets a forehand. Fourth set point…

Overhead smash winner from Alcaraz. Evans can’t find his first serve on the set points and it’s hurting him. Deuce again.

Alcaraz backhand is just out. Fifth set point… Evans finally finds a first serve and Alcaraz hits a forehand return wide.

Game well and truly on.

07:27 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 4-5 Evans*

Alcaraz responds after a double fault with an ace, 30-15. An expertly hit kick serve into Evans’ backhand makes it 40-15.

And Alcaraz holds with a backhand down the line. After the changeover, Evans will serve for the set. Can he do it?

07:25 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 3-5 Evans

Is this really the start of an Evans comeback?

He starts the game by getting passed at the net by Alcaraz. Then Alcaraz seizes on a sliced backhand by Evans by finishing with backhand volley winner, 0-30.

Too good by Alcaraz as he opens up the court with a deep backhand and finishes at the net with forehand winner two break points.

Evans saves the first when Alcaraz pushes an angled forehand wide. And the second when Alcaraz nets a forehand.

And Evans completes an amazing recovery when Alcaraz sends a forehand long. Alcaraz will now serve to stay in the set.

07:18 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 3-4 Evans*

A glare from Evans in the direction of Alcaraz after the Spaniard finds the side line with an angled volley winner. He can’t believe Alcaraz made it.

But Evans earns himself two break points after back-to-back returns from him draws an error by Alcaraz.

Another incredible point between the two players. The crowd are on their feet. Evans doesn’t incredibly to keep himself in the rally but Alcaraz covers the court too well and finishes with a forehand volley winner. Evans slams his racket in anger.

But he’s now celebrating after carving a lovely sliced backhand down the line past an onrushing Alcaraz to break.

An amazing sequence of points.

07:13 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 3-3 Evans

Evans had dropped just one point on serve in this set until Alcaraz strikes his fifth return winner to make it 40-15.

Alcaraz can’t get his forehand return into play and Evans holds again.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans live: Score and latest US Open updates as world No 1 takes two set lead

Carlos Alcaraz returns a shot against Daniel Evans – Getty Images/Al Bello

07:08 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 3-2 Evans*

A streak of 16 points in a row on serve for Alcaraz moves him to 30-0. But Evans keeps the game interesting by making it 30-30 after Alcaraz sends a forehand long.

However, an Alcaraz forehand winner gives him the game.

07:06 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 2-2 Evans

A bit of a lull in the match after an enthralling second set. Alcaraz seems keen to make this physical and takes Evans’ legs away.

But Evans is digging deep and holds to love after a forehand error from Alcaraz.

07:02 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 2-1 Evans*

Alcaraz is toying with Evans at the moment. Dragging him all over the court, to the net and back.

The Spaniard holds to 15 comfortably.

07:00 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3, 1-1 Evans

Evans gets to 40-0 but Alcaraz keeps himself in the game with a forehand return winner.

The Brit does get the service hold when Alcaraz’s running backhand is just long.

06:57 PM BST

Third Set: Alcaraz 6-2, 6-3, 1-0 Evans* (*denotes next server)

Evans struggling to make any headway in the Alcaraz service games at this stage of the match.

A lot more slices from Evans which suggests he’s finding it hard to live with the firepower coming at him from the other side of the net.

06:52 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 6-3 Evans

A weary look on Evans’ face now. He’s given everything but is still staring at being two sets down.

He tries a serve and volley but nets a difficult backhand volley, 15-30. Huge backhand pass by Alcaraz and Evans sends a volley long. Set point.

Alcaraz tries a spectacular half volley but nets. Deuce. You almost expect him to make that and when he doesn’t you’re shocked.

Wow. Jaw dropping forehand winner from Alcaraz. He jumped into it and hammered the ball past Evans. Easily 100mph.

But to his credit, Evans saves the set point again. Evans slices a backhand into the net, third set point.

Evans volley at the net, Alcaraz lobs him, Evans sprints back and hits a tweener high into the air and Alcaraz finishes the set with an easy overhead winner.

06:43 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 5-3 Evans*

This has been a really enjoyable match so far. A much harder test for Alcaraz than it looked early on.

But Alcaraz holds serve to love here to maintain his lead. He’s won 20/23 points at the net. So good in all areas of the court.

06:39 PM BST

Watch one of the points of the tournament

06:39 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 4-3 Evans

ONE OF THE POINTS OF THE TOURNAMENT. Unbelievable defence by Alcaraz to stay in the rally. He then lifts a lob over Evans, who gets the ball back to Alcaraz’s feet and the Spaniard nets. The crowd are on their feet and in disbelief.

And after all that Evans holds on to end the sequence of games against him.

06:34 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 4-2 Evans*

Easy service hold to 15 for Alcaraz. Four games in a row now and Evans needs a response quickly.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans live: Score and latest US Open updates as world No 1 wins first set

Carlos Alcaraz returns a shot to Daniel Evans – AP/Manu Fernandez

06:31 PM BST

Latest score: Draper 6-4, 6-2, 3-6 Mmoh

Game on on Grandstand as the American hits back to win the third set.

06:30 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 3-2 Evans

Double fault by Evans sees him slip to 0-30. But he finds a way back to 30-30 with a beautifully executed volley after sneaking into the net.

Evans forehand long, 30-40. Alcaraz return into the net, deuce. Another break chance for Alcaraz after Evans nets a forehand.

Evans shakes his head as he walks away. The pressure is building

Evans forehand long and Alcaraz breaks once more.

06:24 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 2-2 Evans*

Chance for Evans with a stretch volley but he can’t make it. In fairness, it was a very good backhand down the line from Alcaraz, 30-30.

Alcaraz forehand wide and Evans earns himself another break point. He’s really going toe-to-toe with the world No 1.

Wowzers. Alcaraz finds the baseline with a blistering forehand down the line. Evans can’t believe it. Such easy power from Alcaraz.

Ball abuse warning for Evans after smashing the ball into the crowd when he nets a volley. Alcaraz gets back on serve when Evans nets a drop shot.

06:16 PM BST

Alcaraz* 6-2, 1-2 Evans

Will be interesting to see how Alcaraz reacts here.

Backhand into the net from Alcaraz, 30-30 as we pass the one hour mark. Double fault by Evans. Went for too much on his second serve. Break back point for Alcaraz.

Another double fault and Alcaraz strikes back immediately.

06:13 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2, 0-2 Evans*

Evans sprints forward to pick up an Alcaraz drop shot, the Spaniard lifts up a lob but Evans finishes expertly with a high backhand smash, 0-30.

Alcaraz gets back on track and makes the game 30-30. Sliced backhand from Evans and Alcaraz pushes a backhand long, break point.

Alcaraz whips a forehand deep into Evans’ backhand and attacks the net but the Briton moves across to his left and blasts a backhand down the line which Alcaraz can’t get back into play.

Evans breaks and we have a match on our hands now.

06:08 PM BST

Second Set: Alcaraz* 6-2, 0-1 Evans (*denotes next server)

Ideal start to a must win set by Evans as he holds to love. He’s definitely being more aggressive and it’s giving Alcaraz something to think about.

How long can Evans keep up this level?

06:02 PM BST

Alcaraz 6-2 Evans*

Alcaraz continues to target Evans’ backhand and push him further behind the baseline. But Evans gets to 30-30 here which is the best he’s managed in this set.

And Evans earns a break point after going on the attack with his forehand and drawing the error. Alcaraz second serve ace down the T. Evans never saw it coming.

Evans attacks the net off Alcaraz’s second serve and the Spaniard nets his backhand pass long means after break point. Alcaraz’s first serve bails him out of trouble this time as Evans fails to get the ball back in play.

Third break point chance for Evans after a deep forehand catches out Alcaraz. He’s definitely going for more on his forehand in the last 10 minutes.

Alcaraz gets his forehand high up to Evans’ backhand and he slices into the net. The frustration is all over his face.

Alcaraz forehand winner, set point. Wow. Alcaraz double fault. Scrappy game from the defending champ.

Another set point comes for Alcaraz and he can’t take it. Evans comes forward again, stays strong on the net and Alcaraz’s lob drops wide.

Third set point for Alcaraz and he finally gets it when Evans nets a forehand.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans live: Score and latest US Open updates

Daniel Evans hits a return to Carlos Alcaraz – Getty Images/Kena Betancur

05:51 PM BST

Latest score: Draper 6-4, 6-2 Mmoh

Ace by Draper to wrap up the second set and edge him closer to the fourth round.

05:50 PM BST

Alcaraz* 5-2 Evans

Another soft second serve from Evans is punished by Alcaraz to bring up two set points.

A ‘come on’ from Evans after he saves the first set point. And he saves the second after a very good first serve down the T which Alcaraz fails to get back into play.

Evans is being forced out of his comfort zone and raise his level just to keep up with Alcaraz. He’s grinding away and he finds a couple of first serve to keep himself in the set.

05:41 PM BST

Alcaraz 5-1 Evans*

Evans has a moan at the umpire after someone gets into his player box. He’s distracted by this when he should be focused on what’s in front of him.

Another audacious half volley pick up by Alcaraz for a winner. The racket head control and soft hands were beautiful to watch.

Alcaraz moves a game away from the set with a forehand winner.

05:36 PM BST

Alcaraz* 4-1 Evans

Evans will want to get at least one game in this set to build momentum and he makes a decent start to this game after a brilliant stretch volley winner.

A missed Alcaraz return makes it 40-15 and Evans holds after 21 minutes when Alcaraz’s forehand flies long.

05:33 PM BST

Alcaraz 4-0 Evans*

Love hold for Alcaraz in around 70 seconds. Looking ominous for Evans here.

Carlos Alcaraz vs Dan Evans live: Score and latest US Open updates

Carlos Alcaraz has made a fast start – Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

05:30 PM BST

Alcaraz* 3-0 Evans

That’s why he’s No 1. A gorgeous deft drop volley by Alcaraz beats Evans.

Alcaraz is doing a great job of rushing Evans on the return and he earns himself three break points. Evans saves the first break point. Then the second with a brave 110mph second serve. But not the third. Evans serve and volleys, Alcaraz sprints to the right and whips a forehand winner down the line.

Alcaraz looks too strong and quick for Evans.

05:26 PM BST

Alcaraz 2-0 Evans*

82 per cent of Evans’ backhands in the tournament have been sliced. I can’t see that having a big impact on Alcaraz but it will be something he hasn’t come up against often.

A sliced backhand from three metres behind the baseline by Evans goes tamely into the net and Alcaraz holds to 30.

05:22 PM BST

First Set: Carlos Alcaraz* 1-0 Dan Evans (*denotes next server)

Early mind games? Alcaraz won the coin toss and opted to receive first from Evans.

Evans is serving from the shaded side of the court. But he makes a confident start, finding his first serve and moving to 30-15. Low return from Alcaraz, Evans gets the half volley back in play but the ball sits up nicely for Alcaraz to finish the point with a forehand winner.

Deep Alcaraz return off a 96mph second serve and Evans can’t get the ball back in play. Break point.

Timely first serve by Evans to save break point. Alcaraz rushes Evans into a forehand error, second break point.

Missed return by Alcaraz and Evans saves break point again. Evans is keeping Alcaraz guessing with the direction of serve.

But he double faults to give Alcaraz a third shot at a break. Alcaraz finally converts after an entertaining rally ends with an angled winner from the Spaniard.

05:11 PM BST

Here we go!

It’s a hot day in New York as the two players walk out onto Arthur Ashe stadium for their match.

24 degrees and 47 per cent humidity. The shade on the court will be an issue again for both players.

05:01 PM BST

Latest score: Draper 6-4 Mmoh

First set goes to the Briton. Mmoh managed to save two set points but Draper gets it done with a forehand winner down the line.

Coming up next Alcaraz vs Evans!

04:51 PM BST

Alcaraz on playing Evans

He’s a really tough player. Good serve-and-volley, good net game.

It’s going to be really tough. I will play my best. I will have to return very, very well if I want to win that match.

04:44 PM BST

Latest score: Draper 4-3 Mmoh

First break of the match goes the way of the Briton. Plenty of long baseline rallies between the two players but it is a volley into the net by Mmoh that allows Draper to get ahead.

04:29 PM BST

Big time hitting between Draper and Mmoh

04:20 PM BST

About last night…

04:12 PM BST

US Open betting offers and free bets

Take a look at these free bets and betting offers to use throughout the tournament.

04:03 PM BST

Saturday’s order of play

Arthur Ashe Stadium

5pm UK time (12pm local)

Not before 7pm UK time

Louis Armstrong Stadium

4pm UK time (11am local)

  • Clara Burel (France) v 2-Aryna Sabalenka

  • 14-Liudmilla Samsonova v 17-Madison Keys (USA)

  • Stan Wawrinka (SUI) v 6-Jannik Sinner (ITA)

Not before 7pm UK time

Read the rest of Saturday’s schedule here.

03:51 PM BST

US Open day four

Hello and welcome to our US Open coverage on day six as four Brits look to reach the second week at Flushing Meadows.

Up first is Jack Draper, who beat 17th seed Hubert Hurkacz 6-2, 6-4, 7-5 on Thursday, against Michael Mmoh.

Ahead of the tournament, Draper was been managing an arm issue but is confident he can play through the problem.

He said: “There was a strong chance I couldn’t play this week. But we got the scans done and sent it back home and they said it’s not the same injury, so it’s not that serious.

“I’m kind of looking after it each day. It was a bit sore after my last match but when the adrenaline kicks in and obviously playing the US Open, I just put it out of my mind and go out and try my best to play the tennis I want to.”

Then on Arthur Ashe, Dan Evans faces the daunting task of world No 1 Carlos Alcaraz.

Evans said: “It’s a little annoying to have him in the top eight of the draw but it is what it is. It will be a good match. I am really looking forward to it and will play aggressively.

“It’s a very difficult draw. He will obviously be the overwhelming favourite but it’s a good opportunity to play a very good tennis player on a big stage. That is why you play tennis.”

Alcaraz has won both of their previous two meetings in straight sets, but Evans boasts a better record on the golf course after the pair played a few holes at Wimbledon.

“Of course, his golf is much better than mine, that’s for sure,” said Alcaraz. “We played a little bit before Wimbledon. We had such a great time at the course.”

The winner of that match could face British number one Cameron Norrie, who is taking on Italian world number 61 Matteo Arnaldi.

And Katie Boulter faces Peyton Stearns, a young American who she lost to in three tie-breaks in a marathon match in Austin, Texas, in February.

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