You’re not using clear mascara correctly if you’re not doing this

Beauty hacks are a dime a dozen these days. But with the holidays around the corner and family and friends get-togethers to prep for, maximizing your time with beauty hacks has never been more important. We know you’re busy hunting for the best holiday deals but if there’s one life hack you should know about before leaving the house to go to your next holiday bash, it’s this one. 

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Clear mascara has been around for a long time. It’s not one of those beauty trends that comes and goes out of style. It’s more like the staple you keep in your bathroom cabinet because my, oh my, does it have A LOT of uses. Check out all of the neat things you can do with clear mascara. PS: mini mascara makes a great stocking stuffer!

Clear mascara hacks 

1. Hair gel 

Who would have thought that clear mascara would be the secret to taming flyaways? Use the brush to gently smooth back flyaways. You’ll have a flawless look all night long. 

2. Brow gel

Whether you’re looking to try a new brow trend or you just want your brows to stay in shape, clear mascara can help with that. This mascara hack uses clear mascara as a brow gel to hold everything in place. 

3. Lash definer

If you’re not looking for mascara to darken your lashes then a clear mascara is the way to go. Use it to define your lashes for a natural look. 

4. Lash primer 

One of the best beauty hacks is knowing that you can prime your lashes before using your actual mascara. Clear mascara can give volume and length, use it to bulk up your lashes under your mascara.

5. DIY color mascara 

Mix loose eyeshadow powder with your clear mascara. You can either dump the loose pigment inside the bottle or you can use a clean brush to combine both products on a clean surface. 

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Clear mascaras to add to your cart

Petite n Pretty


Featherlight Clear Mascara + Brow Gel

Talk about a great stocking-stuffer. This clear mascara is made with tween/teens in mind with a custom brush size that makes application easy for beginners.

Greatest Lashes of All Time Volumizing, Lengthening, Lifting & Curling Mascara

Polite Society


Greatest Lashes of All Time Volumizing, Lengthening, Lifting & Curling Mascara

It’s volumizing, lengthening, lifting and curling without clumping or feeling too heavy on your lashes.

Nourishing Mascara Primer

ULTA Beauty Collection


Nourishing Mascara Primer

This lightweight clear mascara contains sunflower oil to nourish and condition lashes.

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